The secret to a happy and healthy life is right under your nose!

Get Your Smile On!

Making Smiles Happen

Making Smiles Happen

Spread the power of your SMILE by wearing a Making Smiles Happen T-Shirt by EPIC GRIN. Make SMILES happen everywhere. Available in multiple colors in women and youth sizes.

Mens Smile shirt

Wear Your Sm:)e

Spread the awesome power of your SMILE when wearing a Sm:)e shirt. 

Available in Men, Women, and Youth sizes.


EPIC GRIN Emoticon Shirt

 An EPIC GRIN is the outcome of being at your happiest moment, achieving success, or reaching the pinnacle of happiness producing a big SMILE. Show the world your EPIC GRIN with this EPIC GRIN emoticon shirt.

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We are the most attractive when we SMILE, it’s our #1 communication tool, and SMILING is the easiest healthiest thing we can do.


To spread the awesome power of a SMILE!

We believe SMILING more often gives us the power to:

+ generate more Epic Grin moments

+ change how we think, feel, and treat each other

+ leave a legacy with bigger positive impacts

+ fight depression

+ live a more healthy and amazing life

S.M.I.L.E. = Smile More In Life Everywhere

Your SMILE has the power to make a difference today, share it everywhere and join our mission to help this world SMILE more often, live healthier and happier lives, and generate more Epic Grin moments.


"Life is not short ... when you SMILE!"

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Smile More In Life Everywhere!